To all our Clients/Patients:


At Art of Smile Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we aim to provide the best dental service possible. We provide our services with honesty, professionalism, and integrity to the satisfaction of the client/patient. In order to provide these services to all our clients/patients consistently, we incur a great expense, and in light of this, please observice our following financial policies:


  • Payment is expected at the time services are provided.

  • We accept cash.

  • We accept checks. We do, however, charge $25.00 for bounced checks.

  • We accept all major credit cards.

  • We accept all PPO Dental Insurances. We provide the service of filling out the forms and sending them to the appropriate insurance company. We will estimate the client/patient's portion of the insurance at the time of service, but due to the changing nature of the healthcare laws, the employers' requirements regarding insurances, and the insurance company regulations on these calculations, these estimates could vary. Any differences that the insurance company does not pay, are the responsibility of the client/patient. Please understand that these calculations are done by the insurance companies themselves, and is not within our control.

  • We do not provide the service of filling out claim forms for health reimbursement plans for the patient's employer. Patients are required to pay full amount of balance on the day of service. We will only provide the patient's statement of services done on that day and receipt of payment(s) made.

  • We have contracted with an outside patient financing company to finance your dental needs, so that payments can be made over time instead of paying a lump-sum. Please inquire for more details on this type of financing.

We want to thank you for understanding our office and financial policies and hope we can provide a service that meets your expectations.